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Boris Johnson Resignation SHAKING Crypto!! (Bitcoin & Ethereum Positioning For Take-Off!)

As the UK Prime Minister’s resignation shakes Crypto, Bitcoin and Eth are positioning themselves for takeoff. In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news. The bear market is still here, so be careful and keep your cool, while we wait for this turnaround.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
7:40 Crypto Market Watch
13:36 BTC/ETH Charts
27:58 BTC v. GLD
35:30 Boris Booted
40:15 Gensler’s Grab
45:55 SBF’s Billions
57:22 Musk Loves Doge
1:04:30 Minority Report
1:08:08 XRP Omnibus
1:12:55 Quick Hits/Q&A

Gareth Soloway:

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  1. 99.99999% your predictions are right eh Ben. Even if that was correct,the very most important one about the top btc price,which was not a prediction but according to you a fact,was wrong. You are only to aware that it’s cost you and therefore by definition us a lot of money. The one time you diverted from utuber non-financial advice just for fun to supposedly fact. So how ironic you spouting 99.9999% of the time the Great man is right and yet gets the important thing wrong.

  2. Nice of you to talk about our Prime Minister. Quite a personality I must admit. He took many risks and often succeeded but the last one was one too many! I am still sad about Brexit! The UK is luckily supporting blockchain big time and this will carry on even after Bojo! Can't wait for the next bull market. Anyone replying to my comment putting forward a money making person is a scam. If it looks too good to be true it certainly is! #scamalert

  3. Two crypto coins that are about to take off for Retail investors on Coinbase are DYP and Jupiter! I called it right when I told you guys to invest in Unifi Protocol DAO a month ago when it sat at under $3 and ran to over $40!!!! DYP (Defi Yield Protocol) sits at 0.26 with a small max supply of 25 million tokens. Jupiter has a 1 billion max supply and all coins are circulation! Jupiter sits at 0.0158!!! Both very low market cap. Once price discovery sits in, it will do exactly what Unifi Protocol Dao did. Learn what to look for and Do your own research!!!!

  4. if it didn't cost so much to pull everything off exchanges I think more people would do it but the fees are outrageous so with small accounts it's very impossible to take it off exchanges and I think they know that

  5. If your giving out your " last" 400,000,000.00 $ loan ,,, you got a side deal to get some of that back , that's what went down,, the business world and the streets got the same tricks!!!

  6. Mahalo Nui ???? Bitboy for teaching and for making me a Crypto millionaire overnight ???? with Shibadoge coin last night ???? Another BitSquad millionaire ???? BitSquad for Life! Awwwwwright Hawaiian coconut ???? Mahalo Nui ???? Akamai Ali'i Kamakiuga Alo Aloha coconut ???? ????

  7. I promise I'm not being a racist or a smartass when I say this,, does anybody else ever wonder why Jewish people are so lucky when it comes to business and making money?? Seriously I'm I just missing out on something?? I'd like to know!!!

  8. My god,you blow with the wind. You cover everything just to say “yep that’s what I’ve been saying “. No Max euphoria no maximum pain remember that one ha ha. Now it’s I’ve been saying 10 to 14 K bottom of course you have Ben. But you certainly weren’t calling for 20 K in January because you were saying if it goes below 40 I’m selling. You were slagging Gareth Solloway off when he was bearish and now it’s oh we think so much alike Gareth such BS. Do you actually think everyone’s forgotten that you were saying I’ve got a guy and I know the price and this is what it is well of course they do you’re just so thick skinned to not to worry about it.

  9. Let the fomo videos begin???? He's making it sound like Btc and Eth are about to have a V-Shape recovery. Don't fall for this and click bait should be illegal.
    Reminder everyone, we are in a bear market and bear market pumps are common. They are not ready for any real take off and it's very likely we will come down to test new lows at some point. Be patient and be careful who you depend on for your crypto news.

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