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Beauty Beyond The Crown | Hadassah Allaputa | TEDxLokogomaWomen

As a little child, Hadassah had always wanted to be a Beauty Queen, but as she grew older she did not find the Beauty Pageant that aligned with her values of no bikini and her ideology of seeing Beauty and Pageantry not just as 1-year reign but as a Life long profession like being a Doctor or Lawyer, she was looking for a Pageant System that suited into her childhood dreams of being a humanitarian for life.

She found one that was close to her dreams but in an attempt to represent her country at the International level, she failed 4 times and was mocked by her friends who asked her to go and get a real job. However, this did not deter her, as she started her humanitarian work in her own community and was recognized and crowned Ms. Nigeria United Nations. Her going to represent Nigeria at the International level and winning as the first African Woman to win Ms. World United Nations that year gave her a voice and she has now created a Pageant System for Africans and By Africans…

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