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Awakening to yourself in the Age of Social Media | Avi Vatsa | TEDxMUITNoida

In his talk, Avi explains the impact of social media in developing social anxiety and depression; further, he shares his perspective on getting out of this personal dilemma. Avi Vatsa is one of youngest mental health Counselor’s in Asia and has delivered over 10,000 hours of sessions to over 500+ patients in 6 countries. He has helped his clients overcome psychosomatic illnesses through therapy such as diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, bipolar and many more disorders. He is also a certified career counsellor with Career Solutions, Inc. New York. He is a serial entrepreneur and runs multiple companies in the tech space with web 3.0 services, agri-tech and legal tech. He is also the president of Youth For Human Rights India, the largest youth-run United Nations human rights policy implementation NGO. He is also the recipient of the Economic Times Change Maker Award for protecting the human rights over 2 crore youth in India. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED…

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